Dropmore House

Home of Lord William Wyndham Grenville

The current holder of Baron de Grenville's title, in Quebec,
also Count d' Argenteuil,  possesses a real museum dedicated
to Lord William Wyndham Grenville,
who was the first Baron of Grenville in Quebec.

Some documents relating Dropmore House are set out below

Dropmore house is located north of Burnham in Buckinghamshire
England, and the park covers an area of 90 ha (222 acres).


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Dropmore House was built in the 1790s
for Lord William Wyndham Grenville .

Lord Grenville had discovered this place when
walks when he was studying at Eton College .
He enjoyed these landscapes including views
his old school and Windsor Castle.
2,500 trees were planted on his property.

When Lord Grenville died, his pinetum contained
the largest collection of conifers in Britain .

This area was then occupied by the Fortescue family,
then many years later left completely abandoned.
In 1945, the area was occupied by the army and was greatly degraded.

The house was restored by Viscount Kemsley , the owner of The Sunday Times.
He exhibited there many paintings , furniture and books.
After his death in 1968 , the property was sold successively to several owners.

An indoor pool was added , but the house was rarely inhabited.
In 1990 , the buildings were severely damaged by a fire which lasted four days.
Another fire spread in 1997 and made uninhabitable buildings.


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From 2006 to 2008 , Dropmore House was restored by a real estate company
to build luxury housing.


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Restoring respect the house, stables and a number
of garden buildings including Chinese tea house and aviary.
Then the company went bankrupt and the estate was bought by a developer cash
implement projects of rehabilitation of gardens and park.

The current holder of the title of Baron of Grenville, in Quebec,
also Comte d'Argenteuil, has a collection dedicated to Dropmore House.

Its purpose is to perpetuate the memory of what was a beautiful property.

Some parts are outlined below

Note that the graphical representations
Dropmore House are rare.

1818 - Old and rare engraving of Dropmore house


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With its narrative.

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The same engraving finely hand-colored. A marvel.

1823 - Beautiful and rare original engraving of Dropmore House

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1823 - Beautiful and rare original engraving of Dropmore House

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View of the garden front

Very rare original engraving of a view of Dropmore Lodge - 1830


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This engraving is part park of Dropmore Lodge (House).
This work is very finely hand-colored. A marvel.

An engraving of a lodge in Dropmore Park - 1830

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1969 - The catalog of the auction of furniture
and works of art Dropmore House


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Thousands of objects were thus sold and dispersed.

© All these objects are owned by the current holder
of the title of Baron of Grenville in Quebec.
Using photos and reproduction prohibited
without permission of the owner of these objects.

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